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Kobo Elipsa Pack with 10.3" Digital eReader, Stylus & SleepCover Case - Midnight Blue

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Transform the way you read and study with this Kobo Elipsa Pack. It comes with the 10.3" Kobo Elipsa eReader with an E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen display, a Kobo stylus for easy note-taking, and a SleepCover to protect the eReader and put it to sleep when not in use. The Kobo will even transform your handwritten notes into clean text for neat and organized note-taking.

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Includes the Kobo Elipsa eReader, Kobo Stylus, and Kobo Elipsa SleepCover 10.3" eReader features an E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen display with ComfortLight for an effortless reading experience Stylus makes it easy to take notes in books, compatible PDFs, and blank pages in a digital notebook that converts your notes to clean, typed text 32GB of storage provides ample room for fiction, textbooks, and other reading materials SleepCover protects your device and puts it to sleep when the cover is closed


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