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Product or service, big or small, we work with you.

Why Partner With Us.


WonupShop offers not one, but two ways to sell your products and services: The SeatPlay™ Experience and the local Marketplace.

Low fees

From as little as 0% to 13% per sale, WonupShop requires no upfront cost. We collect commission only after your product has been sold.

Increased exposure

More eyes on your brand: an increase in visibility results in a boost in sales and repeat customers.

Get paid fast

Once the sale is generated you can expect a fast payout, as quickly as the next day. No crazy wait time necessary

What’s the catch with SeatPlay™?

There is none! The winner of your product pays 20% of the product's value, and we pay 80%.

Does WonupShop cover the large discount?

That’s right - we cover the major discount! You receive 100% revenue on your product minus a small fee.


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