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SeatPlay - 80% OFF Marketplace

About Us

At WonupShop we are passionate about promoting local businesses and creating unforgettable experiences for our users, celebrate the diversity in their regions, By highlighting the unique products and services offered by local businesses, we aim to provide a platform where consumers can discover and support their neighborhood entrepreneurs Through our engaging games, we strive to make the shopping experience exciting. We want everyone to feel welcome and empowered to participate, regardless of their background.

Our WonupShop Philosophy

No risk, no loss

There’s absolutely no risk in taking a shot at winning your discount with the SeatPlay™ Experience. While winning will score you an 80% discount, “not winning” does not equal losing!

Fairness and transparency

The SeatPlay™ process cannot be internally rigged. The winning seat is randomly pre-selected before all seats are occupied - resulting in a completely fair and impartial selection, with no human intervention.

Play now, buy later:

The WonupShopping experience is all about discovery first, and purchasing when the time is right! As consumers ourselves, we don’t believe in promoting an urge for impulsive buying.

Continuous innovation:

Our team is continuously generating fresh new ideas to bring you a better online shopping experience while increasing local contributions.

If you are already a registered WonupShopper, we appreciate your support! And if you aren’t - join us now!