WonupShop is a fun wayt to shop local.

It is the first and only online shopping platform of its kind offering not one, but TWO exciting ways to shop!

We created WonupShop to help passionate shoppers discover and support local businesses while also offering chances to win massive discounts on featured items with the exclusive SeatPlay Experience. 

SeatPlay is a subsection of WonupShop's Marketplace, created to give shoppers a shot at winning 80% discounts on their favourite brands and products. It’s a truly unique and thrilling new way to shop - and proud to say that we’re the first to offer it!

The winning seat is automatically and randomly selected by our system, and is only revealed once all seats are taken. The process is completely impartial, and there is no human intervention involved.

After becoming a WonupShop member with the $10 monthly subscription (subscription that is not a fee but a deposit toward your SeatPlay exeperience) here's how it works:   1. Select the product of your interest. 2. Pay the required deposit. If the amount is not available in your wallet you can reload your wallet as needed. 3. Select your potential winning seat!   Once all seats are selected, you’ll receive a notification email informing you of the winner - which may very well be you. Exciting!

Nope! You can close your window and carry on doing whatever you please, as you will still receive a notification via email once the winning seat has been selected by our system.

If time is up and no winner is revealed for the current item you’re playing for, your deposit will be refunded back to you when the next product rotation occurs. However, if the product remains listed on the subsequent rotation, your seat will remain selected.

You will never lose your deposit unless you win the discounted item! It will remain safe in your WonupShop virtual wallet, ready for use toward your next potential SeatPlay win, or toward local shopping in the Marketplace.

Certainly not! WonupShop was built by shoppers, for shoppers - and it’s absolutely RISK FREE. Any money you put down on an item is never lost: it’s either used toward an item as a winner of SeatPlay, remains in your WonupShop virtual wallet for your next shot at winning, or remains eligible to use toward any featured local products in the Marketplace.

Our gamification system was solely created for the purpose of providing online shoppers with a fun new way of discovering products and services around them. The SeatPlay Experience is simply a fun layaway plan: Your deposit gives you a unique chance to win an 80% discount when you choose, but most of all - it also allows you to reserve your money until the time is right for you to buy local.

While our partners are primarily local, we do not close our doors to other types of companies - especially if they are important to our members. Furthermore, our SeatPlay Experience is open to all and any types of businesses and products - local and non-local!